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September 2014 Newsletter

Here is the information on the September and October conferences of Irish Heritage Quebec. These events will be held at 19:30 in McMahon Hall, 1145 De Salaberry in Quebec City. We hope to see members and guests in great numbers.

On Tuesday, October 14, Steve Cameron of Coirneal Cealteach of Sainte Agathe will give a conference on John O’Farrell (1826-1892), the 19th century Quebec City lawyer, politician, Irish Nationalist and more. From success on the legal front and in politics to questionable tactics and dirty tricks, he remains ever the mystery to us today, despite his profile at the time. Never far from controversy, it is perhaps his Irish Nationalism that lends the clue to some comprehension. Join us to hear Steve Cameron tell this story of ‘one of our own’, who lived and died here, but whose presence was felt across the country.

Here is information on other activities in which Irish Heritage Quebec is involved:

  1. On Saturday, September 27, Irish heritage Quebec will have a table at the PEPS where the irish Dancing competition is to be held between 9:00 and  16:00 hrs.
  2. On Wednesday October 15 at 19:30, the Comhaltas Concert Tour of North America will offer a performance in Shannon. The Comhaltas Tour features champion Irish traditional performers in an exciting show of traditional Irish music, song and dance. Tickets cost $15 and are available by calling the office at (418) 704-3404 or Joe Lonergan at (418) 527-2238.
  3. On Saturday, October 18 at 19:30, Irish Heritage Quebec will hold an International Uilleann Pipes Day concert. We will entertain with pipes, harp, whistles and fiddle.


The following items are on sale at our conferences and at the Irish Heritage Quebec office.
Tel. 418-527-2238

Price: $15 plus shipping.


Price: $6.00 plus shipping.








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