The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross that is the logo of Irish Heritage Quebec is an image of the Celtic Cross that stands in Artillery Park on McMahon Street in Quebec City.  The Cross is a gift to the people of Quebec in memory of their generosity and compassion during the period of the Great Migration of the 19th century.  The Cross was donated to Irish Heritage Quebec by Irish philanthropist James Callery, founder of the Strokestown Park and National Famine Museum in County Roscommon, Ireland.  A recognized sign of Irish identity, the Celtic Cross stands near what was the site of the first Irish parish in Canada.  The monument is part of a larger plan to recognize and develop Irish heritage in Quebec.  The project was initiated by Irish Heritage Quebec, the Commission de la Capitale nationale du Quebec, the City of Quebec and Parks Canada.


One thought on “The Celtic Cross”

  1. I was there in 2000 when the cross was erected with Mr Callery. This inspired me these words..
    Celtic Cross

    Cross of crosses
    Silhouette of mankind
    With open arms
    Your faded story lives on
    In the mists and spindrifts
    Of the Atlantic shores…
    Your feet are anchored to the native ground
    Your head reaching into the universe,
    Your arms outstretched
    To the East and to the West
    And your heart glows outward
    Like a light on a hidden reef…
    Celtic Cross,
    Your symbol, your message
    Reach out across humanity
    Crossing the boundaries of religions and oceans
    For they are universal.

    François Clavel Gay
    Original Title – Croix celtique
    English Adaptation – Marc Lord
    Décembre 2000

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