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Saturday June 28th. Irish Heritage Quebec conducted its excursion to Grosse Île. There was great ambiance provide by uilleann pipers Patrick McSweeney and Marco Battaglia. At the cross Joe Lonergan briefly addressed the company, quoting Phillip Chevron’s song Thousands Are Sailing,

“The island it is silent now but the ghosts still haunt the waves. And the torch lights up a famished man who fortune could not save.”

He read as well the translation of the Gaelic inscription on the Cross.

“Thousands of the children of the Gael were lost on this island while fleeing from foreign tyrannical laws and an artificial famine in the years 1847-1848. God bless them. This stone was erected to their memory and in honour of them by the Gaels of America. God Save Ireland!”


He concluded by thanking those present for being there, for listening and remembering.




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