The Great Famine Voices Roadshow 2019 Quebec City Stop, May 11.

The Quebec City event is presented by Parks Canada and Irish Heritage Quebec in McMahon hall on Saturday May 11 at 12:30. During this event, in addition to having the opportunity to discuss the subject, participants will be offered exclusive conferences – free of charge. Please join us to share your emigration story and souvenirs of these tragic events. The Great Famine Voices Roadshow 2019 a series of open house events in Canada and the United States. It brings together Irish emigrants, their descendants, and members of their communities to share family memories and stories of coming from Ireland to North America, especially during the period of the Great Hunger and afterwards. here for more the information about this event:

The Great Famine Voices Roadshow in the USA and Canada is hosted by the National Famine Museum of Strokestown Park, Ireland, and the Irish Heritage Trust, an independent charity.