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Captain Michel Pouliot- a Nautical Heritage

☘☘☘ Monday, January 15. at 7:30 p.m. – Irish Heritage Quebec hold an activity in McMahon Hall, 1145 De Salaberry in Quebec City — Irish Heritage Quebec will receive Captain Michel Pouliot who will present the heritage of the Pouliot family.  He will describe his years at St. Patrick’s School, at the Marine School and at sea.  Michel will also present his experiences as a licensed marine pilot on the St. Lawrence River and comment on the future of the ports on the St. Lawrence River. Members and friends are invited. Come and see the only life preserver from the Titanic left in existence and hear a great raconteur.

Michel Pouliot was born and raised in Quebec City and gained extensive sea experience in the Americas and the West Indies.  He was a licensed marine pilot in the Lower St. Lawrence district from 1965 until his retirement in 2009.  He served as President of the Lower St. Lawrence Pilots’ Association and as President of the Canadian Marine Pilots’ Association.  He is also the only Canadian to have served as President of the International Marine Pilots’ Association. Refreshments will be served and parking stubs for Îlot St-Patrick will be validated. For further information phone Irish Heritage Quebec at 418-704-3404. ☘☘☘

November Presentation

Monday, November 13 at 19:30- Irish Heritage Quebec will hold an activity in McMahon Hall, 1145 De Salaberry.  Marc Durand will give a presentation on Jean Beliveau, the subject of his most recently published book. Copies of his book will be on hand for sale. Members and friends are invited. Refreshments will be served and parking stubs for Îlot St-Patrick will be validated. For more information, phone Irish Heritage Quebec at 418-704-3404.

Marc Durand is a local sports announcer who has already published a well-acclaimed book on hockey, La Coupe à Québec: Les Bulldogs et la Naissance du Hockey.

Grosse Île Excursion

Saturday August 5, an Irish Heritage group of twenty-two went on a day excursion to Grosse Île. Joe Lonergan addressed the membership at the great stone cross. From there we to the newer memorial where the names of those who died on the island are etched in glass. Later we took the trolley tour to the lazaretto and finally visited the immigrant reception area. We were thankful that the rain held off until we were in transit back to Berthier-sur-Mer.

Flea Market

Saturday May 13, 9:00 -13:00, Irish Heritage will hold a flea market. Those willing to volunteer to set up for the sale on Friday May 12, to help at the sale or contribute items are asked to contact us. We are interested in books, CDs, LPs, sporting goods, tools, jewelry and pins, small furniture, dishes. kitchenware, purses, suitcases, bags, picture frames and collectibles. All proceeds of the sale will be used for Irish Heritage Quebec activities.

Welcome to Irish Heritage Quebec

January Activity

Monday January 16, at 19:15— Irish Heritage Quebec will present the documentary 1916 The Irish Rebellion in McMahon Hall, 1145 de Salaberry in Quebec City. Narrated by Liam Neeson, this 86 minute award-winning documentary tells the dramatic story of the events that took place in Dublin during Easter Week 1916, when a small group of Irish rebels took on the might of the British Empire. This documentary features a coimagesmbination of rarely seen archival footage, new segments filmed on location worldwide, and interviews with leading international experts. An initiative of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame, this landmark documentary tells the story of the 1916 Easter Rising in a comprehensive way and, for the first time, places these events in their proper historical, political and cultural context as the precursor to an independent Irish state and the disintegration of colonial empires worldwide. Admission is free. We hope to see many members and friends in attendance. Parking stubs for Îlot St-Patrick will be validated.

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