Steve Cameron on Stonework of the Irish Immigrant in Lotbinière 1820-1880

☘☘☘ Monday, October 15 at 19:30 – Steve Cameron of Coirneal Cealteach of Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière will give a presentation entitled Irish Touchstones in the Hills of Lotbiniére. Steve Cameron will unveil memories and hard evidence of Irish immigrant stonewalled enclosures from 1820 to 1880 that indicate the old country savoir-faire they brought with them. Refreshments will be served and parking stubs for Îlot St-Patrick will be validated. For more information please phone Irish Heritage Quebec at 418-704-3404.

Steve Cameron, a graduate of Sir George Williams University, has published three books on the history of his locality. ☘☘☘